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No Ordinary

Our purpose in the founding of The Unknown Forge was to take a fresh approach to the business of product development.

Big corporations churn out an endless line of products, largely because they have large scale internal departments tasked with R&D, testing, production and marketing. This also means that they have very heavy costs for staff and facilities in order to keep that machine working.

Small start-ups can generally produce a single product or service - however if often takes them years. Many find it next to impossible to complete the transition into the development of another product or service. They simply don't have the resources or the structure of the larger corporations.

The Unknown solution

We sat down and designed an architechtural framework for a company that would leverage the best parts of the large corporate model, while still maintaining the flexiblity and level of passion that start-ups generally bring to the table.

The result is The Unknown Forge. Our flagship product, the C-Thru sight, was developed using modern methods, finish prototyped in short order and tested rigourously - all in short timeframe. Concept to product, rapidly.

Now onto other things, literally. While we manage the rollout of the C-Thru sight and our IndieGoGo campaign, we're already hard at work on the next in a series of products being developed on our corporate platform. Healthier eating, pet safety and more shooting accessories are just some of the upcoming ideas that you'll be hearing about after the C-Thru campaign is completed.

Meet OurTeam

Ryan Oliver


As lead development engineer Ryan has applied his extensive background in manufacturing, mechanical design and materials science to accelerate The Unknown Forge product development cycles. Whether working at the micro scale, or designing massive robots, Ryan excels at out of the box solutions to real world problems. His time at MIT and as a manufacturing consultant have allowed him a wide array of opportunities to hone his skillset.

Brian Kurtyka


In charge of sales and marketing (online and off) Brian is working to generate creative ways to tell you about the C-Thru and extole its benefits. If you want to discuss featuring The Unknown Forge or the C-Thru in media or establish distribution channels he is your man. His expertise in combining data driven marketing strategies with common sense creativity, which he gained over years as a consultant for growing and established companies is a corner stone strength for The Unknown Forge team.

Have an idea you'd like to see come to market? We've structured The Unknown Forge as a prototype-to-market organization. In the same way we focus to bring our own ideas quickly through the design and prototyping stage, we also do contract development and production with ideas that are a good fit for the business model.

Feel free to contact us to arrange a conference call so that we can answer any questions that you have and to discuss some high level details about your product.