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    In-Line GoPro Sight
    Sees what you see!
    Iron sights
    Holographic sights
    Traditional optics
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    Mounts to the rail
    Extra wide viewing angle
    Stays out of the way
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    No compromises
    Mount points
    Fit & finish
    Sight options

What is this?The sight

  • We weren't satisfied with the options available in the market to take an action style camera like the GoPro and mount it to a firearms rail.
  • There were several products that attempted to mount the GoPro camera, but off to the side - side of the quad rail, side of the firearm itself. As a result, it didn't record your line of sight, merely the general direction you were looking.
  • The solution is an in-line sight that we call the C-Thru.
  • Without any modification or extra parts, just mount it at the appropriate location to use with either iron sights, holographic sights or traditional optics. In addition, you can mount the C-Thru fore, aft or mid for increased flexibility - no compromises!
  • Now you're able to see grouping order and diagnose breathing, grip and stance issues. For more advanced training, you can do shot recovery timing, allowing you to see the exact dynamics of what is happening immediately after each shot is taken.
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Shooting Sports

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Law Enforcement

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Home Defense

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Whether documenting your recent hunting trip, or training to improve your skills at the range, the C-Thru sight creates and instant reply of your experience. Record every moment of the hunt. See exactly where that stray shot on the target went. It sees what you see, so the captured video is the closest thing we can give you to your own memory.

The ability to use the C-Thru sight with a variety of optics (iron sight, holographic sights & traditional optics) along with several mounting points (fore, mid or aft) create a truly flexible system that allows you to use the equipment that you already have.

Documenting patroll and standoff encounters is on the rise. Police departments across America are finding it necessary to document their officers' encounters. The C-Thru sight allows for the creation of a first-person video of the events, showing the critical decision points of a situation where the firearm was used.

In addition, using the GoPro wireless capabilities, an operator can function as the forward eyes for a command element. Literally passing down the barrel view back to other team members. Additionally, the GoPro camera can be temporarily removed from the mount, turning the C-Thru into an "around the corner" sighting device that allows an operator to hold the rifle in front of them and literally see around corners.

Criminals lie - it will become a "he said / she said" situation at trial. If the unthinkable happens and someone enters your home and threatens your family, you need to be prepared. Whether you were forced to discharge your firearm or not, having an documented version of the encounter can be one of the most important things in your life.

They say they had no weapon, video shows otherwise. They say they didn't threaten you, audio must be censored for the tender hearted soles of the jury. They say they attempted to flee and you wouldn't let them, video shows them coming at you with a knife. The C-Thru sight can be your last word, documenting the use of your last line of defense.

Nothing says "hi def" like watching your arrow fly towards the target in 1080p. Years ago, nothing more than a pin sight was mounted on most hunting and target bows. Now we see more use of red dots, magnified optics, and lights. Utilizing the existing mount points on many bows on the market today, mounting the C-Thru sight is as simple as attaching a picatinny bracket and a few turns of an allen wrench.

Compare the flight patters of different broadhead types. See if those expensive arrows really do fly straighter than the practice arrows. Then, when you next head out into the wild, the "one that got away" stories will have crystal clear video to go along with them. (this may be a good or bad thing, depending on how much you tend to exaggerate)

Splat. One of our favorite uses is to record that all out battle simulator "Paintball". Compete to achieve the perfect recreation of that Call of Duty level where you take out a batallion of enemies all by yourself. Then post it on youtube for bragging rights! The C-Thru gives paintballers a new edge on the field. Make a video feed wall from your cellphones and give them to your commander to direct players on the fly and crush your enemies with wicked strategies.

How We Stack Up

To ensure that the C-Thru product did not obstruct using your sights, we designed it to have a significantly larger opening than the most common sights on the market today.

As you can see on the chart, our product allows full use of the sights in the 30-40mm range while still allowing notable area around the sight to be captured within the video. This allows for better situational understanding of what is being captured on the video as well as feeling more natural to the shooter.

If you're using a quick acquisition red dot, like the Burris FastFire 3, we provide an opening 8x the size.

How We Stack Up

Why chooseC-Thru

Made In Detoit
Our choices during the materials selection process gave special attention to making our sight the highest possible quality, without over-designing the parts. We've focused on local construction and assembly as much as possible to ensure that the product benefits us here at home.
Battle Ready Fit & Finish
You won't find any chipped paint or wobbly connections on our sight. Anodizing the metal both hardens the outer surface of the part as well as providing a durable finish that wears extremely well under all weather conditions. There's a reason it's the absolute standard in the sporting rifle industry.

Tight tolerance construction means it's a bit trickier to assemble, but you're worth it. Our parts are made to fit together on our sight - a nice benefit to not using off-the-shelf components.
Mounting Options
Few people argue the GoPro is anything but a high quality camera system that is tough to beat. We agree, and proved it at the range! Their design of a camera with flexible mounting options that can take a beating changed the way people record their favorite activites.

The C-Thru sight compliments the flexibility of your GoPro camera with new and creative ways to record activity just as your eye would see it.
Mounting Options
It's not just about fore, mid and aft mounting on the top rail of a sporting rifle. Anywhere you can find or put a picatinny rail, you can use the sight. Archery, paintball, digi-scoping and more. Mount it anywhere, capture anything.